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One dream! One vision! One passion!

 One dream! One vision! One passion. These were the driving forces behind the idea to form a band. Not just a band, but the formation which will stand the test of time. It did. Sixteen years … and counting. This was the birth of Krossfire.                 

The band was formed in 2001 from George Driev – bass, George Kushev – guitar and Spas Markov – drums. Various clubs performances in Plovdiv follow in the next few years. The group already has a lot of fans – mostly friends. They are everywhere, where five have appear and strongly support them. So, after a year of concerts and rehearsals comes time to change. Nicola and Spas left the band briefly for official duties and returned back at the end of 2003. The last concert for Zachary is in club “XXL”. His place was taken by former lead singer of “Rappel Rack” – Dimo Petkov. Preliminary talks were held with him in December 2003 and early 2004 started rehearsals. In 2004 appeared their new web site – History, news, pictures and latest information are available for the fans. Largest and most significant event until then in the band’s history was the invitation from Albena Tsolova (SinBSin / EAST METAL RECORDS) for supporting act of American power-metal legends “JAG PANZER” in Sofia. This was a reward for their affords during those years, which was deployed with full force on 08.11.2005 in club “Fans”. The band played about an hour, “in front of small, but high quality heavy metal audience and give a perfect opening for the metal veterans”. Excellent reviews in the press and the internet follow. In 2006, the band warmed up once again, this time for Austrian legends “Pungent Stench” in club “Snatch” – Plovdiv, with band from city of Burgas – “Vrani Volosa”. From June of 2007 the band has a new member – Peter Boshnakov – keyboards, replaced Nikola Ivanov (guitar). In late 2007 Krossfire recorded the song “Angels Cry”, and in early 2008 – the song “Touch Of Destiny”. Records were made in “F.1Sound Studio” in Plovdiv with sound engineer Vasil Valchev and subsequently released single “Touch Of Destiny”. Good reviews appeared, both in Bulgarian and international press. In June 2008 concert was filmed at club “POLINERO Place”, which was released on Home DVD in November 2009 under the title” 7 years on stage “.  In 2008 and 2009 continued live performances in clubs and bike festivals in the country. In June 2009 the song “Touch Of Destiny” participate in CD compilation of the German magazine “Heavy”. It was published in Germany in the second half of the month. The song of the band is first one on the list, which gives a great advantage – each having CD will hear the song. Brief information and photo of the band were published in the magazine, along with information about the other bands in the compilation. Also, songs from the CD were played on the festival “Bang Your Head !!!”, which was held in the town of Balingen at the end of June. In early 2010 from “HEAVY” magazine was held an interview with Georgi Kushev and Dimo Petkov, which was printed in the edition of the magazine in April. Also, review of “Touch Of Destiny” was published in the magazine “Rock Hard” in July, issue number 28. Between October ’10 and March’11, Krossfire recorded their debut album “Learning To Fly” in “F.1Sound Studio” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and then mastered the material in “Master Vargas Studio” in New York, USA. The album was released on 15th of May 2011. The band embarked on their massive, more than thirty dates tour throughout Bulgaria on 15th of February 2011. At the end of the year Krossfire signed a deal with German label “PURE STEEL RECORDS”. The album was released worldwide via label on 27th of January 2012. A lot of excellent reviews appeared in international press and online web zines afterwards.

In May 2013, the band was invited to open for legends Deep Purple for their concert in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in front of 15000 fans. Here it is the review in Bulgarian press:

“.. It all started at 20:00 when the guys from KROSSFIRE got on stage. Congratulations to the organizers of the concert for this felicitous choice. First, because the band is from Plovdiv and thus giving arm of the local rock scene. And second, because KROSSFIRE fully justified their voting trust. Although not every day is going to be on stage with greatness like DEEP PURPLE, five musicians played confidently and definitely were adopted more than well by the audience. In their about 30 minutes set they performed songs from their debut album “Learning to Fly”, and after their performance, we can definitely say that KROSSFIRE is a band with a future and it would be nice, if the organizers of the concerts in our country pay more attention to bands like them when some big rock name is visiting our country for a concert.”

In the summer of 2014, the band entered “F.1 Studio” to start recordings of their second album under the name “Shades Of Darkness”. The album contains 12 songs with total length of 62 min. The process of recordings took seven months to complete, from September 2014 – March 2015. Once again, the material was sent to USA to have final polish, this time in mastering studio “Imperial Mastering”, CA.  Again, good reviews in the Bulgarian and international press follow. The band management started to organize concerts in Romania, Poland and Greece and everywhere went with huge success. In the end of 2016, the first official video of the band was born – “One More Time”. In the summer of 2017, the band won the prize “Best Act of the Month, July” of Pure Steel Records label, USA. At the end of June, the band had opened the big festival in their home town Plovdiv – Hills Of Rock, 2017, where the biggest names on the bill were Evanescence, Guano Apes, Three Days Grace, Epica, etc.

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